Thursday, 21 October 2010

The wisdom of Conor...

So... this blogging thing... its good. Right?
I have tried to blog before and all it did was make me see how much i hate writing about my life and emotions. Northern lads dont do that, right? ;) Now this, remember, was about 4 years ago. Since then i have changed much...
I was sat in the student lounge, or 'slounge' as many of my friends now lovingly refer to it, at college with my very good friend Mr. Conor Callaghan, who himself is a keen blogger ( if your interested) and he was saying something hillarious as usual and talking about blogs and something something and the subject of why i didnt write one came up. I told him. He said something about a 30 day challenge and made me see that you can write other stuff too :) which is always good. This is the wisdom of Conor.
So here it is.
My blog.

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