Thursday, 21 October 2010

Risky business

I know, I know. I'm 17 and should be able to work an oven...but they are spawn of the devil!
Ok, little back story (sorry Pete), Mother and Sister have gone to Paris (without me!(I know! The cheek!)), and have left me alone for 5 days!
Backstory over.
Mother has left instructions in most meals, however, how could i possibly forget how to make tonights tea so didnt put instructions in that?
Don't worry. Its simple. I shall have suculent, jucy sausages nice and brown all over, delicious, cloud like mash and steaming hot beans on top. Minimum mess. Minimum hasstle.
Right? RIGHT?!
So bangers and hard can that be? she only told me about 8 hours ago how to make it.
I forgot everything.
By the time i had finished the room was full of smoke, there were 6 spoons on the side, 4 forks, a knife, some tongs, a lot of bean juice, 4 black sausages with pinkness in the middle, some cold mash and bone dry beans.
I gave up. I made tower burger (a fabulous invention of Mothers, consisting of waffle, qorn burger, waffle, burger, waffle. Its amazing).
I survived...dont worry.


  1. This reminds me of the time you put a pizza in at phil's, looked at the instructions and said, "Where's the preheat button?"

    How we laughed :P

  2. I don't remember that tbh...